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Severe Weather Procedure

School Procedure for Severe Weather Closures

School Procedure for Bad Weather Closures

In principle, we aim to keep the school open if at all possible regardless of the weather. However, a decision to close the school will be made by 7.30am if possible. The school will stay open unless it is deemed hazardous for staff and pupils to get to school, or if insufficient numbers of staff can get into school to ensure adequate supervision/safety of your child.  We also have to be satisfied that the school site is safe for all.

The responsibility for the closure of the school rests with the Headteacher and Director of School Improvement.

How to find out if school is closed

Notice of a closure will be made in the following ways by 7.30am:

  • A SMS text will be sent from school using the Pupil Asset system to the person held on our records as primary contact;
  • On this website via our Urgent News banner:
  • Announcements should be made on Heart FM and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire;
  • School will notify the Local Authority and School Transport. The Local Authority website will also display information.

Parents are requested not to contact school to enquire about a closure as this will block the telephone lines which may be needed by the school.

If school closes during the working day

  • A SMS text will be sent from school using the Pupil Asset system to the person held on our records as primary contact;
  • The school website will be updated and the Urgent News Banner displayed;
  • The radio stations mentioned above will give out the information that the school is closed or closing (and the time at which it is closing);
  • Parents or Carers are required to come to school to collect your child(ren).

In preparation

Please help us to react quickly to deterioration in the weather by making your child aware of the arrangements you are likely to put in place in the event of the school closing by:

  • Ensure the school office has up-to date contact numbers and email addresses.
  • You have updated the school with your current email address/mobile number.
  • Please also ensure your child comes to school with warm, waterproof clothing and wellington boots when it is snowy.

Health and Safety Information

In the event of snow some pathways will be cleared and salted.  Parents, children and visitors need to be aware that pathways, even where cleared, do remain dangerous.

Before and after school opening hours, parents are responsible for ensuring their children do not slide on the playground.  During adverse weather conditions, the playground may be out of bounds to parents and children at the beginning and end of the school day.

After a period of closure, a message will be sent to parents/staff to advise them of the reopening of the school.

Other Reasons For Closure

These procedures will also be instigated where school has to close due to other issues such as failure of utilities (water, electricity or gas), breakdown of major equipment (eg. boiler) or other emergencies.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.