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St Botolph’s Church of England Primary School

Celebrating Faith,
Learning and Success

St Botolph's Church of England Primary School


Foundation Subjects and Science

Summer Term

This term is full of exciting new challenges and experiences.  


During this half-term, as part of their Understanding Christianity, the children will learn about the Kingdom of God. They will consider the question: When Jesus left, what was the impact of the Pentecost?


The seasons and the environment will provide the stimuli for compositions.  The children make descriptive accompaniments and discover how the environment has inspired composers throughout history.


This term the children will work in groups to adapt an existing biscuit recipe, whilst taking into account the cost of the ingredients and other expenses against a set budget.


In computing the children will be using 2Logo on PurpleMash. 2Logo is a text-based coding language used to control an on-screen marker to create mathematical patterns. In the second half of the summer term the children will be using 2Animate on PurpleMash in order to create simple animations.

The documents below will give you a flavour of what children will work on this term in history, geography and art.