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First Aid & Medication In School

Accidents at School

At all times there are qualified First Aiders in school who are able to take care of any children who have an accident while at school. The First Aiders qualifications are renewed regularly.

 Any minor bumps and scrapes sustained by children are treated by school staff. Children who receive First Aid treatments will receive a slip detailing the injury and the treatment given so that parents know what has happened. All injuries and treatment are logged in the accident book.

 If a child receives a serious injury we will contact you.  Should we be unable to contact you we will act as a reasonable parent would act and contact the doctor or in an emergency take the child to the Accident and Emergency Department at the hospital. It may be necessary in some cases to call for an ambulance to take the child to hospital. Clearly it is helpful therefore if we have up to date contact details as well as any information about any health issues or known allergies.


In children’s Reception year they will be given a health screening by the school health team. From time to time throughout their school careers children will have weight and height measurements. Parents will always receive notification of any screening in advance.


We have a duty of care towards all our pupils. In a school environment, bugs are easily spread. If a child is ill please do not send them to school. A school day is demanding and may make children more unwell. Children who have been sick should not return to school until 48 hours have passed since they were last sick. Children who have had diarrhoea should not return to school for 48 hours. This will help prevent illnesses passing round the school and makes it more likely that children will be able to cope with a full day back at school and that they are fully recovered from the effects of the illness.

When children return to school following illness and are still taking medicine that is a prescribed medication requiring 4 doses a day, staff will be able to administer medicine but only after the parent/carer has completed and signed a form giving details of the medicine and the dose required. 

Staff will not give medicine without a completed form, which is available from the office. Medicine should be taken to the office by an adult with the signed permission form.