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St Botolph’s Church of England Primary School

Celebrating Faith,
Learning and Success

St Botolph's Church of England Primary School


Curriculum Overview

Each child presents their own ‘curriculum’. Each child is unique, and will have different interests in different things. We ensure there is lots of time during the school day for children to explore their own interests. There is also opportunities for the class will come together to access more formal teaching for English, phonics, maths and other areas of the curriculum. Our current topic is Kings and Queens. Ask your children all about it.  

Communication and Language - Including daily phonics sessions, whole class and small group story sessions.

We will be teaching unit 11 in our sounds write learning, learning to recognise, read and write words containing the digraphs sh, ch, th. ck, wh, ng and q(u).

Through our English units, we will be reading and enjoying a text called The Extraordinary Gardener by Sam Boughton. We will be exploring and using new vocabulary, writing instructions for how to plant a seed and we will be writing our first story!

Personal, Social and Emotional Development    

We are continuing to follow our school PHSE curriculum. Topics for discussion this term include cheering up Boris, how rabbit got his long ears and having a thankful heart.

Physical Development

Gross Motor

We are looking forward to carrying out weekly PE lessons, learning how to control beanbags, balls and bats. We will also be taking part in weekly yoga sessions.

Fine Motor

We will be focussing on correct letter formation as well as ongoing control and use of scissors, paintbrushes and other tools such as scissors.


We use Maths Mastery to provide our maths curriculum. Our learning this term includes examining and sorting odd and even numbers, subitising 5 and 6, doubling numbers from 1-5 and counting sets of 20.

Expressive art and design

Children will enjoy studying animals in art. For example, they complete a study of Rousseau’s “Tiger in a Tropical Storm”. Later they complete observational paintings of real fish using ink and wax resist.

Understanding the World- Past and Present

We will watch footage of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the second. They will become familiar with some key features of our monarchy including people in the Royal Family, special places and traditions. Children will learn that on special occasions the Queen wears a crown and sits on a throne. We will be learning about where she lives and discussing the fact that this is her Platinum jubilee year and enjoy our Jubilee party on the 27th May with the rest of the school.

Children will also learn about King John and the Magna Carta. This may seem like a complex part of history to teach young children, but it can be taught as a story. The aim is for children to understand that King John couldn’t do whatever he wanted as King and he made a promise by sealing the Magna Carta, that he would follow some rules. This story sews seeds of understanding for children who will study King John again in Year 1.

Understanding the World – Cultures and communities 

We will talk about the fact that countries around the world that have Queen Elizabeth as their monarch including; Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Australia and more. We’ll explore and learn about the Union Flag of The United Kingdom as well as flags from countries the children have connections to.

Understanding the world – the natural world

We will have discussions about the changing Seasons of the Year: Summer. Children will learn that signs of summer are; flowers, warmer days, light evenings, butterflies, bees and birds.