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St Botolph’s Church of England Primary School

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St Botolph's Church of England Primary School


Friday Briefing - 06/10/2017

Temperature and Climate of Different Countries

English:  We have created a story map as a class and then made our own.  We made up actions to go with each stage of the story map to help us remember the story events.   
Phonics: We have practised this weeks spellings by using missing letter, and cover, write games.  We have focussed on sounds: oy (enjoy) ir (girl) ue (argue) aw (yawn).
Maths: We have derived facts from known facts, to add and subtract tens e.g. 2+4=6, so 20+40=60.  We are beginning to add two digit numbers by partitioning.  
PE: Multiskills: hand and eye coordination, sending and receiving balls and intercepting them. Please ensure you send your child with some tape if they cannot take their earrings out or we can use school masking tape to cover them.  
ICT: coding and an introduction algorithms. 
Design:  Designing a 3D island.  Please may you bring in a box (cereal box size) to help create this next week
Geography: researching the temperature and climate of different continents. 
RE: What is Harvest and why do Christian celebrate it?
Science: properties of materials of objects around the school/home.  The suitability of the materials objects are made from. 
Homework: writing a story for the given number equations.
Please ensure reading books and diaries are in school everyday.
Please remember to return homework and spelling books on a Tuesday.