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St Botolph’s Church of England Primary School

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St Botolph's Church of England Primary School


Friday Briefing - 29/09/2017

Pirate Dinosaur

English:  We have designed a pirate dinosaur and thought about what it would look like, feel like, where it would live and the types of phrases it would say.  We have been learning about recording our ideas in to paragraphs, using adjectives and correct punctuation.
Phonics: We have focussed on spelling techniques and sounds ay, ou, ie, ea.  (clay, cloud, fried, dream). 
Maths: We have been applying number facts within 10, to number facts within 20 through addition and subtraction equations.  
PE: Multiskills: spacial awareness, moving in different ways and hand and eye 
coordination using balls. Please ensure you send your child with some tape if they cannot take their earrings out or we can use school masking tape to cover them.  
Art: we have made our pirate maps look old by tearing and using tea bags.
Geography: continuing our work on identifying and labelling the continents on a world map. 
RE: Why is the creation story important to Christians?
Science: comparing suitability of materials. 
Homework: greater than and less than numbers within 100 using < > .
Thank you to all the grandparents who came in for lunch on Thursday.
Spellings: Spellings will go home every Thursday in the practise book. Spelling 
tests will take place on a Tuesday. You will find your child's score in the practise book when they get their new spellings on Thursdays. Any incorrect spellings will be highlighted. Please continue to practise these.  
Please ensure reading books and diaries are in school everyday.
Please remember to return homework and spelling books on a Tuesday.