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St Botolph's Church of England Primary School


07.10.2019 - Monday Briefing Blog


English – Our book focus is ‘The Man on the Moon’.

Phonics – We have been learning the sounds /air/ and /ure/.

We’ve been practising reading and writing them in words.

Maths – Our unit is ‘addition and subtraction within 10’.

We have been practising counting on from a number using a numberline.  We’ve have also been using pictures to tell a mathematical story.  We then created our

part-whole models and addition equations

based on these.

5 + 1 = 6

English – Our book focus is ‘The Man on the Moon’.

We have been writing questions to Bob about what we would like to know about him.  We have also been writing thank you letters for the book that he sent us.  We then wrote about our favourite part of the story using ‘because’ to explain why.


9th October – Harvest festival

9th October - costumes to come into school.

15th October – Class celebration

17th October - Planetarium