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St Botolph's Church of England Primary School


Bonfire Night - 03/11/2017

Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night / Phase 2 of letters and sounds "u" "r" and "e" / More than-greater and less than-fewer.


This week we have looked at bonfire night and why we remember and celebrate with fireworks each year. The children watched a film clip of a firework display and listened to the sounds that fireworks made. In their writing they have had a go at using their sounds to write the noises that fireworks make, for example ‘pop’ and ‘fizz’.


We have continued to focus of phase 2 of letters and sounds. This week we have learnt the letters: ‘u’ , ‘r’ and ‘e’ and their corresponding sounds and actions. We have talked about how some sounds appear more often in the middle of words. For example ‘peg’ ‘sun’. We have practised blending cvc words and listening for the medial sound.


In maths this week we have looked at the language: more than; greater; less than and fewer. We continue to focus on one to one correspondence when counting. We have also used number fans to help with number recognition.

•Reception Nativity will be on Tuesday the 12th of December at 1.45pm.

•Next week will be the deadline for the Shoe Box Appeal. Thank you to those of you who have donated so far.
•When you have the opportunity please could you check your child’s uniform and PE kit, in case you may have somebody else’s clothing.