Friday Briefing - 06/07/18

This week we have been building boats and taking them outside to see if they float.
We hope the children have enjoyed having a taste of year 1 on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

In phonics this week we have continued with phase 4 of letters and sounds. We have focused on reading and looking out for digraphs in words. We have also looked at the tricky words ‘little’ and ‘one’.

In maths this week we have been solving maths problems involving doubling and halving.

•Achievement awards will be held on Friday 13th July at 9.00 am. All children will be nominated for an award and will receive a certificate. Out of the nominees, one child will be awarded for that category with a £5.00 book token. 
•Next week we will be making your child’s Tapestry journal available for you to download. To find this on Tapestry, click on your name in the top right corner. A drop down box will have the option ‘your downloads’. You will have 3 weeks in which to download your child’s journal onto your home computer.


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